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With the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day in the same week this year, I could sense chaos in the air, especially when walking through town. New year goodies, new year clothes, new year shoes, manicured hands & feet, a new haircut, not forgetting spring cleaning to be done, and wait…. Still need to get Valentine’s day gift?! So here's some gift ideas for boyfriend for anniversary & valentines!

For those who do not celebrate Valentine’s Day like myself, we have nothing to worry about. Vday happens to be on the 7th day of Chinese New Year, also known as  人日 (everybody’s birthday) this year & we all know what that also means….mahjong time, YAY!).

For those who do, you should be getting your presents right about now. I’ve specially curated for you a list of items you can get for that special someone this Valentine’s Day. The list of gift ideas are some of the things I’ve either gotten it for W, or things he might have expressed interests in, or things that I am considering getting for him.

Lets get to it! –

  1. Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Range – W is currently using Force Supreme Eye Architect Serum & the Force Supreme Youth Architect Serum & he loves using them! I’m recommending this range because not only does it smell so so manly, it feels cool to the skin & has anti-aging properties (though not actually beneficial for us, woman, for our man to look more youthful than us. 😆 But you still want your man to look good, don’t you?).  If your significant other is a little more diligent, you can consider getting him the entire range to try – Force Supreme Anti-Aging Cleanser (SGD45), Force Supreme Nutri-Replenishing Anti-Aging Lotion(SGD68), Force Supreme Youth Architect Serum(SGD100), Force Supreme Eye Architect Serum(SGD88), Force Supreme Gel (SGD100) or Force Supreme Cream(SGD100) moisturisers.
  2. Dior Sauvage Eau De Toilette (SGD112 for 60ml & SGD152 for 100ml) -Endorsed by the oh-so-handsome Johnny Depp, this fragrance, launched in September 2015, smells fresh and masculine. When we first tested it in stores, we experienced all sorts of deja vu moments. Our first impression was that it smelt quite generic but after it sinked in, we began to experience a soft & smooth musky scent with metallic hints followed by a subtle fruity scent at the end. This fragrance is perfect for the modern, sexy man in your life.
  3. Origins Save The Male Multi-Benefit Moisturizer (SGD71 for 75ml) – Compared to us women, who puts on gazillion skincare products on our faces in hopes of reducing the signs of aging, men tend NOT to put anything at all. If you have managed to convince your significant other to start looking after his skin, or if you intend to start trying, this is for him. The all-in-one moisturizer is all he needs for his dehydrated skin. Just one step of skincare after his bath, or after cleansing his face, slap on some moisturizer and he’s good to go… (though I must emphasise sunscreen is also important). Recommended for all skin types, this all-in-one moisturizer contains anti-oxidising and anti-aging properties. **When we first known each other, W did not look after his skin much. He often grumbled on how dry & ‘tight’ his face felt after shower. After slowly being introduced to the wonders of skincare, he now follows a 5-step skincare regime (previously only using this moisturizer).
  4. Bottega Veneta Nero Intrecciato Nappa Key Ring (SGD270) – A really simple & elegant keyring for the modern man. It looks absolutely exclusive & classy, featuring Bottega Veneta’s signature braid-work & knots.
  5. Casio G Shock Watches (SGD120 onwards) – You’d be surprise. Every guy secretly wants a G-Shock. Its tough exterior complements the masculinity of any men. There are a large assortment of faces & bands, matching different personalities.
  6. V-MODA Crossfade M100 (SGD429) – The M100 is an over the ear noise-isolating metal headphone. It won the award for ‘headphone of the year’ in 2012. It features an exceptionally clean deep base with crystal clear clarity. Not only does it come in a stylish, semi-hard traveling case, the cords are enforced in Kevlar (a material commonly used for armour). *No more detangling of wires!* The comfort, style and performance for this headphone is unbeatable. I’ve tried many headphones before settling on this & there are absolutely no regrets! I highly recommend this for any audiophiles. You’ll thank me later.
  7. Zara’s Basic Hooded Sweatshirt (SGD60 onwards) – Ever since W got his hoodie, he’s been almost living in it (okay, I may have exaggerated this part). A hoodie is the most comfortable jacket, I find. Best used when watching movie at home or at the cinema where you can feel cozied up.
  8. His Favourite Soccer Team Jersey (SGD80 onwards) – Is he a huge soccer fan? Do you find yourself fighting for quality time during weekend nights? You can get him his favourite team’s home/away jersey, customised with either his favourite player’s name or even his own name at the back. Some retailers do offer jerseys with popular pre-printed names at the back. What is featured here is the AWESOME 2015/2016 Liverpool Home jersey.
  9. Xbox One (SGD499 onwards) – Need I say more? *There’s a SGD70 off bundle kits now!
  10. Steve Jobs: A Biography by Isaacson, Walter (SGD25.95 for Paperback & $58.66 for Hardcover) – A remarkable biography of a man who changed the world. It is definitely a captivating read! Any Apple/Technology/Steve Jobs fan will love this.

Note: I have tried my best to obtain the prices and list them out here but they may be subjected to change at any time by the manufacturers that I have no control over. Prices are accessed from Singapore retailers. I do suggest giving the retailers a call before dropping by, especially with the limitation of time. Pictures are taken from their respective websites and do not belong to me. 

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