I started my beauty account @secondsacharm on Instagram early 2014 to do beauty product reviews. It was a space for me to express my love for beauty and I feel lucky to be part of this beautiful community. Through IG, I have made a few good friends who not only share my passion but who are also genuine, relatable & down to earth. For that, I’m very thankful. When you come to a certain age and realise how precious & little time you have for yourself, you start to see things in perspective & set priorities. You begin not wanting to spend time on people that don’t matter. I’ve got to be honest though…It became exhausting after a while when I let myself get addicted to the platform. I was always looking at my phone, always liking & commenting on other people’s photos. I hardly looked up when I walked or ate. I allowed social media to consume me.

Ever since the social media hype, W and I have established some ground rules to limit our social media time especially when we are together. Instead, we focused on spending more quality time with each other. How do you give each other undivided attention when you are looking at your phone constantly? What is the point if you are physically beside your partner but mentally & spiritually in the virtual world?

Once I realised the addiction was getting the best of me, I simply took a break(s). Without the digital distractions, I was able to be mindful. Life happens when you unplug. I was able to breathe again. With new found strength, I continued my journey of self-discovery & stumbled upon new hobbies to complement my current ones. I know this year will be a spectacular one (though sometimes I’m still reliving the exciting times in NYC in my head *more in another post). Having completed my Masters last December, I now have more time to focus on the things I enjoy the most (& plan my wedding of course).

One of my new year resolutions for 2016 is to create this portal. I’ve been constantly pondering (procrastinating mostly) about creating this extended space to share more & here I am (still trying!)…*Keeping in mind that life’s all about balance. Still, this year started off with a great start, having already fulfilled 4 of my new year resolutions. My secret? Break those resolutions once you’ve started them (to reverse the inertia), be kind to yourself, clear your mind, and then you’ll be ready to set your heart on sticking to those resolutions… One step at a time.


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