Originated from Bulgaria, All Nature Herbs & Oils pride themselves in providing sustainable beauty products. Made with over 95% natural ingredients, All Nature products are dedicated to be free from silicones, paraffins, parabens, & SLEs.


The line of hair & body products have reached our shores & are exclusively available at selected Watsons store. For the hair care range, it comes in 3 fragrances – Rose & Almond Oil for colored/treated hair, Angelica & Argan Oil for dry/damaged hair and Thyme & Rosemary for oily hair. The shampoo & conditioner are priced at SGD9.90 each. For body care, it comes in 4 fragrances – Althea & Rose Water for soft skin , Angelica & Argan Oil for normal to dry skin, Honey & Linden Blossom for extra dry skin and Lavender & Almond Oil for all skin types. The shower gel are priced at SGD7.90 each.

My experience with the brand was with the Althea & Rose Water shower gel & the Rose & Almond Oil Hair Care range. First impression was how sweet & romantic it smelt! I felt instantly happy whenever I was in the shower. The shampoo was light & I did not need too much for my long hair. It foamed a little, making it easier to apply as compared to shampoos without a foaming agent. This took me by surprise though. Upon looking at the ingredient list in more detail, the shampoo did contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate & Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate. Quantity is unknown but looking at how minimally it foamed, I suspect the concentration of the sulfates should be rather low. Sulfates are made up of a mixture of molecules that attract water & oil. When there is a presence of sulfates, oil and dirt are ‘absorbed’ by the shampoo/body wash, & removed effectively from your skin and hair after rinsing it off. They are commonly found in shampoos and body wash products as an emulsifier & foaming agent. In high concentration, sulfates can be harmful to your skin as it can strip away protective oils. That being said, if you are like myself, who do not have sensitive scalp, products with sulfates are safe to use in rinse-off products. They do get a lot of bad media but they are ingredients approved by FDA, as long as the levels of the sulfates are kept to its approved quantity.


The Rose & Almond Conditioner was also light & melted onto my palms when dispensed. I felt I required more of this product when applying on the ends of my hair as compared to the shampoo & shower gel.


Back to the Althea & Rose Water shower gel, it did not foam much as compared to the shampoo despite also containing traces of sulphates. When applied onto the body, it felt like oil & I did not require too much for my entire body. It left my skin feeling soft & smooth. The smell is light & refreshing, just like the shampoo.


As a whole, I enjoyed the products from All Nature Herbs & Oils & can’t wait to try more from other range. I love how affordably priced the products are & how each product is specifically formulated with high levels of active natural ingredients. This is a good alternative to drugstore shampoos & shower gels as a transition towards natural products.

*Note: These haircare samples were sent for review. Despite so, it does not affect my views or the content written here. 



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