My first encounter with the brand, Philosophy, was with its range of body lotion. I have used Philosophy Amazing Grace/Inner Grace/Summer Grace Firming Body Emulsion for a period of time. Even before Philosophy was available in Singapore, I used to ship bottles and bottles of the lotion from the States. It was and still is my favourite body lotion (my mom uses it too!). I loved the scent & the firming effect it had on my thighs. I stopped repurchasing it only because I was curious to try other lotions. Anyways, I’m so glad to be using one of my favourite brands again!

Introducing Philosophy’s latest range – Ultimate Miracle Worker, comprising of a day cream, night cream, a lightweight emulsion and an eye cream. The range was developed with the goal of providing the skin with utmost protection against light, in turn allowing the skin to reverse signs of aging.


As we all know… Sun damage is the number 1 cause of premature aging & we can’t avoid the sun forever. Even when we’re indoors, we’re subjected to visible light from artificial sources like the florescent lamps or light bulbs. Philosophy’s new range is said to provide a full-light spectrum protection that goes beyond the usual UVA & UVB protection but also the infrared rays & visible light.

The first ever serum-in-cream formula consisting of active plant cells and high performance bi-retinoid is the Ultimate Miracle Worker Night. Before the first use, the pearls are mixed into the nourishing cream. The Ultimate Miracle Worker Night is a combination of a concentrated serum encapsulated in the pearls, containing active plant cells from the iris flower which proved to improve the collagen regeneration & together with a high performance bi-retinoid cream that will allow stable delivery of the retinol into the skin cells allowing epidermal repair with less chances of skin irritation.


After about 6 weeks of continued usage, I feel a significance improvement to my skin after using the Ultimate Miracle Worker Night. Every morning when I look into the mirror, I see a glowing complexion, even when I did not sleep well the night before. My skin looks smoother, and more hydrated! This has got to be my favourite night cream so far!

The Ultimate Miracle Worker Day features the first all-in-one anti-aging product with full-spectrum protection against UVA, UVB, infrared & visible light. As compared to the Ultimate Miracle Worker Night, the Day version is of a different texture & has an SPF25. The Night cream feels like a watery cream & its silky to the touch, whereas the Day is slightly richer. Even so, the skin absorbs quickly with the Day cream as well (Comparison of texture below). It moisturises the skin perfectly & a little goes a long way. The Day cream is especially suited for dry conditions & I love using it when I’m in the office.


For outdoor activities or when I know that I’m not in the air-conditioning area so much, I tend to reach for the Ultimate Miracle Worker Multi-rejuvenating Lightweight Emulsion. As its name suggests, the Emulsion is lighter than the Day Cream & it leaves your skin soft & fresh. The Emulsion also includes SPF25. Besides, the Emulsion contains antioxidant ingredients such as angelica, bitter orange peel, pongamia, green coffee and green tea combined with vitamins C & D.


Last but not least, the Ultimate Worker Eye cream with SPF15 targets wrinkles & lines while removing puffiness and dark circles. I have been using this too for the past couple of weeks & the first thing I love about the eye cream is that despite its relatively thick texture, it does not give me milia seeds (which I am very prone to having). Using its patented technology under the Ultimate Miracle Worker range, the eye cream has been proven to show an increase in hydration levels by nearly 80% during the first week of usage & dramatically firmer skin in 4 weeks for all 33 women (aged 44-65) in a eight-week independent clinical study. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!


Here’s a comparison of the different textures.


The Ultimate Miracle Worker Range is out in Sephora Stores & currently, there is a pop-up store outside Sephora Ion Orchard Level 1 from now till the 25th of May. There are special promotions & gifts with every purchase! Best time to stock up, don’t you think? (along with Sephora’s 20% off for Black Card Members!)

Here are the prices:

  1. Philosophy’s Ultimate Miracle Worker Multi Rejuvenating Cream Broad Spectrum SPF25 (Day) is retailing for SGD100 for 60ml
  2. Philosophy’s Ultimate Miracle Worker Multi Rejuvenating Emulsion Broad Spectrum SPF25 (Day) is retailing for SGD100 for 45ml
  3. Philosophy’s Ultimate Miracle Worker Night Multi Rejuvenating Nighttime Serum in Cream (Night) is retailing for SGD120 for 60ml
  4. Philosophy’s Ultimate Miracle Worker Eye Multi Rejuvenating Eye Cream Broad Spectrum SPF15 (Day) is retailing for SGD90 for 15ml

Note: The samples were sent for review. Despite so, it does not affect my views or the content written here. 

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