IMG_0839I’ve always believed in the importance of sustainable development (especially after attending an entire module on sustainability development for 6 months for my graduate programme). So when I was first introduced to a beauty brand that was built around the concept of sustainable beauty, I was immediately captivated.


The first CLEAN fragrance kicked off in 2003, doing away with overpowering scents that were out in existing market, & instead creating a more natural alternative that one can wear daily. The recently launched fragrance range from CLEAN is CLEAN Reserve, an assortment of 9 fragrances (6 new – Blonde Rose, Sueded Oud, Terra Woods, Velvet Flora, Amber Saffron, Smoked Vetiver. 3 reformulated editions of the popular – Skin, Rain, Warm Cotton). With the exclusive partnership of 3 of the world’s finest fragrance houses, selected based on their pledge to sustainability & philanthropy, CLEAN Reserve is created with sustainable ingredients & packaging.

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Unboxing a bottle of CLEAN Reserve fragrance feels like you’re unboxing a new phone. 🙂


Just to share with you how sustainable the fragrance is, this section will cover what the entire packaging is made of…

First of all, the clear plastic cellophane wrapping the box is derived from corn & it can then be composted & broken down to CO2 & H20.. The carton box is handmade & 100% FSC certified (which means that the material was used from well managed forests). Furthermore, the foam inside the box that holds the perfume can be re-used as a protective layer for the fragrance when traveling.

Moving onto the fragrance bottle, the oak cap is made of wood from certified maintained forest in Spain while the glass bottle is 100% recyclable. I especially love the oak cap for it is different from the usual metal/plastic caps we get from other scents. The fragrance itself is blended with sustainable ingredients, with several of them incorporating ECOCERT materials. Moreover, the alcohol in the fragrances are made from corn & aloe for a cooling sensation. The manufacturing facility also uses 100% solar energy.


From the press kit, Terra Woods is said to be “a fragrance for the misfits, risk-takers, experimenters who want to make a positive impact on the world & is the most unique fragrance of the collection.” Doesn’t that sound alluring enough already?

Moving on deeper to the scent… Terra Woods has top notes of Fresh Accord, middle notes of Sambac Petals & Vanilla as its base notes but the fragrance is rather linear. With it being linear & less transitions between the scent notes, what you smell is literally what you get & you need not wait for a couple of hours before the scent settle. I often get brief whiffs of the musky floral throughout the day & it’s such a mood lifter! Also perfect for layering & a layering guide is shown below.


To be completely honest, Terra Woods wasn’t in my list of to-buys initially, after sniffing all of the 9 fragrances on paper strips. It was a popular fragrance, liked by many of my fellow friends at the event but it didn’t stand out to me as much as now. I was used to my floral/fruity scents that was accumulated through the years & woody scents wasn’t my ‘thing’. The most woody musky scent that I have is probably Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black, which I bought online (even without smelling it) back I was in the States & I love by the way.

I received Terra Woods as a press release & if I was able to turn back time & choose another fragrance, I wouldn’t. Other scents like Skin, Rain & Velvet Flora was part of what I was used to & Terra Woods brought me out of my comfort zone, which I aim to do more of this year. This is the most unique perfume I own to date. 

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In my opinion, Terra Wood is perfect for work & for gatherings with new people especially when you do not want to smell overpoweringly sweet or flowery (like I usually do. :x).

CLEAN Reserve EDP fragrances are now available in Sephora SG, priced at SGD128 for 100ml.

Note: The samples were sent for review. Despite so, it does not affect my views or the content written here. 

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