I’ve been using Orbis’ oil-free cleanser for as long as I remember. My first encounter with Orbis was in Taiwan about 5 years ago. Because of how frequently I travelled to Taiwan then, I would always stock up enough to last me for the next trip. Coincidentally when my trips to Taiwan decreased 3 years back, Orbis opened its stores in Singapore! & I am so happy that I can get my Orbis goodies as and when I like now.



What got me first curious about Orbis was the packaging. Packaging is one of the most important aspects of influencing a customer’s decision to buy the product & Orbis did hit all nails on the head for me. Furthermore, the products are so affordably priced! (e.g. Orbis Deep Clay Spa Mask is only retailing for SGD$28 for 100g. I’ve been using it three times now & I love how it fresh my skin feels after removing the mask)


Orbis products are not printed with fanciful patterns, or designs, or contained in structured boxes, as with other conventional skincare brands. On the contrary, Orbis focuses on the minimal, with simple fonts & literally just a plastic wrapper over it (with a ingredient list printed at the back). The brand stands out to me as being flat out convincing. It does not need interesting aesthetics to attract customers. The products speak for themselves.

That aside, the brand’s main philosophy is creating products 100% oil-free. Even their cleansing liquid is oil free & it works well for my skin. We’re all so used to cleansing oil as it is said to be most effective for waterproof makeup. However, after trying so many other cleansing oils out there, I keep going back to Orbis cleansing liquid as it does such a great job in removing my makeup, minus the oil-turned-milky effect that other cleansing oils usually have. Plus, my face doesn’t feel tight afterwards & I do not experience any breakouts from using the cleansing liquid. No wonder it is highly raved by friends & it is one of the brand’s best selling product!

Besides skincare products, Orbis also offer supplements like collagen, herbal teas and even vitamins! I’ve been on the vitamins course for about a week now & everyone in my family loves it too. It is convenient & most of all, it does not feel like a dread popping the pills especially when the vitamins are chewable & they taste amazing!



I’ve added Orbis Slim Exercise Supplements to my diet whenever I go for my yoga sessions. The supplements contain ingredients like L-Carnitine, Green Tea Catechin, Octacosanol & Vitamin B2 that in short, help you burn more calories while you work out. A quick google will show that L-Carnitine aids in producing energy & aids in boosting the metabolism.


What I noticed now after I’ve started the Orbis Exercise Supplements is that I tend to sweat a whole lot more during the first 20 minutes. I feel more energised & not as easily tired as compared to doing exercise without the supplements. The recommended dosage for this supplement is 4 tablets daily.


I’ve also started with Orbis Slim Keep Supplements, meant to take before meals to curb calories intake. It contains a whole bunch of leaf extracts, such as Mulberry Leaf Extract, Chaka Extract, Mushroom Chitosarn, Guava Leaf Extract & Du-Zhong Leaf Extract to block the absorption of carbohydrate, sugar & fat. I take this during my cheat days. That being said, I think what this does immediately, for me at least, is that it takes the guilt off consuming during my cheat days. 😀


I advise still eating in moderation despite adding the supplements to your diet. It does not mean that you can go gorge on 3 buffets in a row with these supplements and expect zero weight gain.

Orbis also offer a range of makeup! I’m extremely impressed by its eyeshadow range especially. Just look at my swatches! (I got the swatches for each cube reversed, my apologies) & They’re only priced at SGD$18 each.


There are also lipsticks, loose powders, makeup bases, etc.

Orbis is located islandwide at Robinsons Heeren, Robinsons Raffles City, Junction 8 #01-46, Plaza Singapura #03-76, Takashimaya #B2-03A & Westgate #02-18. There are ongoing promotions at the newly opened outlet in Takashimaya till the 21st of July 2016. Shop away!

Note: I was invited to the new store opening. Despite so, it does not affect my views or the content written here. 

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