If you find “Phyto Hair Science” familiar, PHS Hairscience is actually the same company but rebranded. Since 2006, the company was build with one goal in mind – To be a one-stop hair & scalp treatment facility using plant-based & natural ingredients as a base for all treatments. With “Miracles Can Happen,” as the brand’s slogan, they created this beautiful piece of art, a girl with a head full of flowers, to symbolise the growth & beauty of one’s hair.


We all take our hair for granted, until one day when it is too late that we realise how important they are. I’d admit to this for the fact that I only treat my hair after a colouring session & that’s it. When it is dry & tangly & crying for help, all I did was brush it aside, hoping the hair will somewhat ‘fix’ itself with more conditioning. Little did I recognise that the problem wasn’t from the hair, it was at the scalp.

My session with PHS started off with a mandatory questionnaire. Questions like “Are you currently on medications? What is your food diet daily like?, etc” aimed to allow the consultant to visualise the whole picture before deducing individual concerns. The session with my consultant, Tim, was very insightful. I knew that falling ill, taking certain medication & stress would often result in my skin turning either too oily or dry that month. However, I did not know that the scalp & hair will be greatly affected as well. In fact, the scalp & hair will show signs of distress three months later. *I was pretty stressed up the previous month & I’m now worried my scalp & hair will go haywire just days before my wedding! *GASP*.

After learning about various hair conditions, my consultant did a scan of my scalp to show my current scalp condition. I have oily scalp for a long time now & because I left it untreated, the accumulating oil have clogged the hair follicles, causing hair fall & hair thinning. Signs of the follicles being clogged can be shown on the bottom right picture.



In all PHS Hairscience treatments, they use Western technologies with Chinese Acupressure techniques while infused with Korean herbs. PHS Hairscience offers a 3 part treatment, Maintenance/Care, Repair (for more serious scalp problems) & Spa (relaxing & pampering sessions). Within each category, there are different solutions for individual needs. I did Hydro Cleanse Therapy, under Maintenance/Care. Among others are Age-Defying Plus Therapy, Cell Renewal Plus Therapy, Nourishing Hair Therapy, Nutrition Plus Therapy, & Purifying Plus Therapy.

Hydro Cleanse Therapy was suited for my scalp then as the most ideal way to reduce hair fall & hair thinning is to deeply cleanse the scalp to prevent toxic build up in the hair follicles. That way, my scalp can ‘breathe’ again.

Here was what went through the treatment:

  1. Hair wash & conditioning with acupressure massage(probably contained peppermint as it left my scalp feeling rejuvenated!). – All on the lush hair washing area.



2. Scalp mask for deep cleansing

3. Oxygen therapy to boost nutrient absorption & blood circulation (Treatment was       done in their exclusive spa room, where I sat on an Osim massage chair & there was also an iPad to watch movies or surf the net. PERFECT for after work relaxation!). My therapist was extremely thoughtful, constantly asking me if it was too cold, or if I needed additional drinks, or if I was hungry… Love the attentiveness!



4. Shoulder & hand acupressure massage (Ahhh.. THE BEST… & I almost fell asleep!).

5. Scalp massaged using acupressure points together with specially formulated serum to soothe & promote better retention of the active botanical ingredients

6. Hair blown dry & styled at the salon area (Can come here before a important date / wedding dinner to have your hair styled after the treatment! Kill 2 birds with 1 stone!)


After the entire treatment, my scalp was analysed again. Though it is impossible to remove 100% of the oil clogs, my scalp looks cleaner, and it feels ‘breathable!’. *No more oil clogs on top left picture*


I left PHS feeling lighter. No longer did my scalp felt that tight & greasy! It has been a good 7 days & my scalp still feels clean & my hair feels incredibly smooth (still tangles though but not as much as before).


P.S Check out the extensive PHS haircare range! I enjoyed the detangling spray, argan oil & hair cream that was applied before the blow dry. Definitely will go back again for more!



The Hydro Cleanse Therapy is priced at SGD$188 for Salon & SGD$228 for Spa.

PHS Hairscience are located at :

Wheelock Place #04-12

Ngee Ann City #05-25A/25B

Plaza Singapura #04-34/35

Drop by for a detailed analysis of the health of your scalp & let them do their magic! 

**I’ve been invited to try out their services and review. Despite so, it does not influence my views or content written here. Are you ready for a Miracle? 

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