Searching for a good foundation has always been my top priority. I feel that new makeup looks cannot be achieved well if not for a base that is long lasting, and comfortable to the skin. I’d say if budget allow, spurge on a great foundation and save on the rest.

I’ve been using Giorgio Armani’s Lasting Silk UV Foundation the longest among these babies & because of how much I LOVE this foundation, I decided to venture out into other Giorgio Armani Foundations.

Let’s begin with a summary first, shall we?

Texture – Rich -Luminous Silk, Power Fabric. Light –  Lasting Silk, Luminessence CC.

FinishSatin – Lasting Silk UV Foundation, Power Fabric. Glowy – Luminous Silk Foundation, Luminessence CC.

CoverageFull– Power Fabric. Medium Buildable- Luminous Silk Foundation, Lasting Silk UV Foundation. Light – Luminessence CC.

(Do note that for Lasting Silk, Power Fabric & Luminessence, the colour on the skin tend to be a bit brighter because of the sunscreen contained in it. Thus, do let it sit on the skin for a while before deducing the shade to match your skin tone. Above picture are swatched fresh!)

Application – I use fingers for most of the foundations but for slightly higher coverage for Luminous Silk, Lasting Silk & Luminessence CC, I use the beauty blender to dap across the face.

Lasting Power – Power Fabric, Lasting Silk, Luminous Silk, Luminessence CC (in deceasing order).

Lasting Silk UV Foundation VS Luminous Silk Foundation 

While both are said to offer medium coverage, Lasting Silk offer a bit more coverage than Luminous Silk. They are both buildable to a certain extend, & concealer is still needed to cover my acne scars and redness.

Longevity-  Without setting powders, Lasting Silk is the true winner. My face tend to show signs of shine after a good 8 hours for the Luminous Silk. With setting powders, on the other hand, I find both are as good. Lasting Silk & Luminous Silk show a satin finish with Luminous Silk show more of the golden glow.

Application – I use fingers to blend the foundation onto my skin, using rotation & dapping motions. Whenever I need higher coverage, I’d use my beauty blender to dap.

Lasting Silk UV Powder Foundation in White Compact Case

This is my second purchase of the Lasting Silk UV Compact Foundation, which I place in this white compact.

Texture – The powder has a silky texture to it, and upon application, it feels exceptionally light & smooth!

Coverage – It doesn’t add extra coverage to the foundation already on the skin when brushed across the skin lightly. *Less is more! When applied with a sponge, however, it adds medium coverage to the skin, but beware of dry patches!

Application – I use this with a powder brush instead of the sponge included in the compact.

Lasting Power – It helps set my foundation well! At least a good 10 hour without touch up for my normal/combination skin.

The Good – I use this powder to set my makeup whenever my foundation feels too dewy (over the Luminous Silk or Luminessence CC). It produces a natural finish and doesn’t produce a white cast over the face. After application, it photographs pretty well!

The Bad – Costly! Also, too much of the powder, especially on top of foundations, will cause patches. *Chants* Less is More Less is More!!

Power Fabric

Texture – Power Fabric has a thicker formula as compared to Luminous Silk & Lasting Silk. Despite this, the foundation does not feel heavy on the skin & doesn’t cake up.

Coverage – Offering the highest coverage among all of GA’s foundies, Power Fabric reveal a velvet matte finish (almost like silk finish) that photographs beautifully. It blurs out my imperfections while making my skin tacts look less obvious. 

Application – Application is incredibly easy. Even when applied using fingers, the foundation blends in seamlessly, still providing the maximum coverage it promises.

Lasting Power – This foundation STAYS all day, even after 10 hours. In other times, I’d need to powder/blot the T-zone area for oil.

The Good – I do not need to use a concealer or loose powder when using the Power Fabric. The foundation alone covers my pores, redness and uneven skin tone well. The formula is long lasting & produces that ‘airbrush’ look. During times when I’m in the air conditioning room all day, the foundation doesn’t add dryness to the skin. In fact, the face looks more radiant as the day goes by. Most importantly, GA’s Power Fabric did not cause any breakouts or irritation to the skin. I’d use this for my wedding if it was released earlier.

The Bad – It’s hard to get the remaining foundation out of the bottle when it’s almost empty (same with the Luminous & Lasting Silk). I’ll just open up and pour the foundation out of the bottle.

Best Applied – Alone for a natural radiant look but for a much higher coverage, use a beauty blender. (A little goes a long way)

VERDICT – I can’t believe I’m saying this but I give this a 100%!!! It hits all the right spots for me!


Texture – The Luminessence CC Color Control moisturiser has a light texture and a moist finish. Despite having normal/combination skin, I still need moisturiser underneath.

Coverage – Coverage is pretty much minimal, but it evens out my skin tones. It doesn’t cover my acne scars though. I still use concealer above this.

Application – Application is easy. I use this with a beauty blender most of the time to ensure whatever coverage I can get from this.

Lasting Power – I do not use this without a loose powder as my face will show signs of shine in a mere 3-4 hours..

The Good – I enjoy the lightness of this CC cream while offering a tint of coverage.

The Bad – It doesn’t moisturise the face as much as I’d like it to (shouldn’t be called a moisturiser) and doesn’t work well for oily skin (though I do not have very oily skin, my face start to become oily after 4 hours, especially without loose powder).

Best Applied – With loose powder & concealer. Using a beauty blender allows the CC cream to be absorbed into the skin better than using fingers.

Overall – I’d go back to GA again for their makeup bases (anytime!) as they’ve proven to be highly effective at providing the coverage required without being too rich for the skin. Though I’ll still be curious in trying out other foundations, GA will remain my top makeup brand for their foundation.

*NOTE – These are bought entirely by me & all thoughts are my own.

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