Intime Organique, a feminine beauty & wellness brand from Japan is finally here in our sunny shores! Just take a look at their pastel-coloured bottles. Makes me happy just looking at them! They are also made to be travel friendly – All 100ml / 100g! (Yay to that!)

What makes this brand so unique is that all their products are made from organic and high quality plant ingredients with ZERO% parabens, mineral oils, fragrance, artificial silicone and colours. Certified by ICEA, Intime Organique prides themselves in using only the highest quality control and ingredients to provide women with safe and reliable products dedicated to care for their bodies.

We spend tons of money & time investing on our faces but we pay too little attention about the most delicate part of our body – the vagina. I believe education is key to ensure more girls & women start looking after their genital areas. I, too, am guilty of neglecting my body sometimes. However, I’ve started using Intime Organique products for over a month now and I’m happy to say I have not experienced any form of irritation, or redness (even during my period) ever since.



Intime Organique’s signature product is an organic pH-balanced feminine wash with main ingredients such as Lavender, Rosemary, Orange and Lemon. Each of these ingredients play an important role in ensuring a healthy vagina. The natural scent of Rosemary and Lavender leave the area smelling fresh and feeling clean. Orange helps promote skin elasticity and softens while the Lemon tightens the skin area. I use this daily when I bathe. Simply work the solution into lather, apply gently & wash with water. It is so important to use a feminine wash for the vagina instead of harsh soaps to prevent the overgrowth of harmful bacteria which causes bad odour, irritation or abnormal vaginal discharge. Using a feminine wash helps maintain a healthy pH level of the vagina.

Intime Organique Intimate Feminine Wash is made in Italy and is retailing for SGD32 for 100ml.


After which, I’ll pat dry and then apply the Intimate Whitening Cream which helps in lightening & moisturising the skin area. Just with any part of the body, the delicate area also needs moisturising to improve the skin’s elasticity and firmness. The main ingredients for the Intimate Whitening Cream are Capparis Spinosa (rich in Vit A, B12 and K with rutin & quercetin), Orange (to promote skin elasticity & softness), Olive Leaf (high in antioxidant that improves skin hydration, elasticity & firmness), and Sunflower Seed Oil (Vit E & softening). This Intimate Whitening Cream can be applied onto the nipples & armpits as well. This is another star product in my opinion. After religiously applying the Intimate Whitening Cream for over a month now, I do notice a significant lightening of the skin especially at the armpit and intimate area. The cream feels light and smoothens the skin upon application. The scent of this Whitening Cream is the strongest among all of Intime Organique’s range but also the one I enjoy the most. It has a ‘spa-like’ scent to it, with a tint of sweetness from the Orange.

Intime Organique Intimate Whitening Cream is made in Italy and is retailing for SGD45 for 100ml




Intime Organique also carries products to care for the Hip & Legs, as well as for the Breast. With Gingo Biloba as their main ingredient, Hips & Legs Care Cream not only aids in the hydration of the skin, it also reduces swelling. Another main ingredient is Phellodendron Amurense, a plant extract, proven to be highly effective in treating inflammatory diseases & preventing water loss. In addition, the Hip & Legs Care Cream includes Clove Oil & Salix Alba for their purifying properties. The cream is slightly more viscous than the Intimate Whitening Cream but upon application, it doesn’t feel heavy to the skin.

It is best to massage the Hip & Legs Care Cream in an upward circular motion around the lower hips & in an upward stroking motion from the ankle to the knee. This will aid in blood circulation while allowing effective absorption of the cream into the hips & legs. Intime Organique Intimate Whitening Cream is made in Japan and is retailing for SGD79 for 100g.


I can’t tell you how much I love this cream. Though it is the most expensive among all of Intime Organique products, a little goes a long way. All you need is the size of a 20 cent coin and it’ll be enough to massage the breasts (unless you’ve got really big boobs). There is a “How to use” section on each of Intime Organique’s products and I find the instructions for the breast care cream highly useful.. You can check it out here. As important as maintaining optimal vaginal health, ensuring your boobs won’t sag faster than you age is also top priority, don’t you think? This Breast Care Cream contains key ingredients such as Kigelia Africana, meant to tighten & firm the skin, Anemarrhena Asphodeloides that is antifungal, antibacterial & also aids in promoting skin elasticity, Pueraria Mirfica (also found in female hormone supplement) that can increase breast size & reduce the appearance of stretch marks, & Rosa Canina ,that is commonly used to treat skin allergies or disorders. The Breast Care Cream has a texture that is similar to the Hips & Leg Care Cream but is slightly more viscous and rich. 

Intime Organique Intimate Breast Care Cream is made in Japan and is retailing for SGD89 for 100g.



Created to satisfy your senses, The Sensual Massage Oil uses main ingredients such as Moringa Oil, a potent anti-aging element that targets fatigue (also used for aromatheraphy) & Asian Ginseng, an adaptogen rich in minerals, vitamins & nutrients, that aids in skin elasticity and softness. Also, the Sensual Massage Oil includes Argan Oil (to nourish the skin) & Marronnier ( to smoothen rough skin). There is a faint herbal smell to the massage oil which I really like! The Sensual Massage Oil is not as ‘runny’ as some cheap massage oils are (more viscous because of its natural powerful ingredients), making it a great gift to your partner for a romantic getaway!

Intime Organique Sensual Massage Oil is made in Japan and is retailing for SGD66 for 100ml.


Intime Organique’s Intimate Rose Lubricant is made with natural plant ingredients making it safe to use. It consists of ingredients such as Damask Rose for its antiseptic & antidepressant properties, Malva Sylvestris for its moisturising properties, Calendula for its ability to promote skin elasticity, softness and to treat skin dryness, and Aloe Vera for its moisturising abilities. This is definitely a better alternative to many products out in the market that consists solely of chemicals. The Intimate Rose Lubricant has a gel-like texture and a rose-like scent.

Intime Organique Intimate Rose Lubricant is made in Italy and is retailing for SGD45 for 100ml.

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Note: The samples were sent for review. Despite so, it does not affect my views or the content written here. 

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