Housed in a cosy unit in Everton Park, Tiff’s Facial House is a facial salon distinct in providing salon grade standards at reasonable prices. Tiffany, Tiff’s Facial House founder, prides herself in continually enhancing her skills and knowledge despite already attaining various beauty-related certifications, constantly extending her passion to her clients. Her flawless good skin is a striking example of her devotion in beauty.

It is not hard to see how they have achieved an impressive 4.8/5 rating on Facebook. Professional and honest is what I’d describe them in short. I was invited to try out a facial & eye spa session with Tiff’s Facial last week and they surpassed my expectations in several ways (more of that below).

We started off with a brief skin analysis & consultation on my skin while I got myself comfortable on the treatment bed. Upon hearing my main skin concern were acne scars and my enlarged pores, Tiffany highly recommended Microneedling & further explained the benefits of that treatment. Based on her many years of experience, she felt that Microneedling was still the best treatment for acne scars.

Having tried out various skin treatments for acne scars previously, I was ready to try on this treatment that was completely new to me. Best advised to use without numbing cream(as the numbing cream will reduce the effect of up to 50%) *if you consider yourself having high tolerance of pain.

The session began with a thorough cleansing follow by extraction where Jeslyn, my therapist, patiently extracted out my blackheads and unclogged my pores. This was my first time experiencing such little pain from extraction! (Shall not disgust you with the amount of blackheads she extracted out. heh.)

Then it came the Microneedling treatment. Hailed as the hottest skincare trend in the US,  “Microneedling uses fine needles to create tiny, invisible puncture wounds on the top layers of the skin. Upon which, stimulates the body’s natural wound healing process, resulting in cell turnover and increased collagen and elastin production, reversing & preventing signs of aging.” – Taken off from Reader’s Digest online. You can read more about microneedling and their benefits here-

Using a pen-like device with microneedle cartridge (all microneedle cartridges are brand new and not reused for hygiene purposes) to go around the entire face in a stroking motion, my therapist focused more on my cheek areas. Needless to say, the pain intensified when the microneedles went across the areas with deeper scars. Also, it was especially painful when going through the temples & forehead area (though the needles were retracted back a little) as the skin is thinner in those areas.

After the microneedling treatment was done, a placenta ampoule was applied all over the face to boost regeneration of the cells together with a cold massager-knob. In fact, microneedling improves product absorption remarkably (Imagining the serums/ampoules being penetrated into the skin through the tiny punctures… Makes total senses!)

With my skin (almost literally) burning at this point, a cooling mist was applied while waiting for the placenta ampoule to be fully absorbed, followed by a relaxing eye care treatment where a warming eye massager was used to soothe and knead areas around the eyes.

Immediately after, a soothing & calming mask was applied all over the face.

After the mask was taken off… My face didn’t look as red as I thought it would be! (I looked like I’ve gotten a very bad sun burn when I reached home… and for the next day though – 1 day of downtime!)

My session with Tiff’s Facial House took almost 3 hours including consultation. The downtime for me was only 1 day, though for some, the downtime could just be for a few hours. (I opted to go all out for this treatment as I really was hoping to see results)..

To be honest, I was very skeptical if I were ever going back for this treatment & if the pain was worth it.. During the session, I was worried I’d be disfigured or have scars all over my face. (I was reassured after looking in the mirror after I took a pause during the treatment)

With just 3 days from the treatment, (minus that 1 day of downtime where I looked like I was badly sunburnt & my face felt tight & painful when I washed my face), my scars did look significantly lighter, especially for my left cheek. I was beyond belief. Especially when the doctors told me that they cannot guarantee I’d see any results at all if I were to do treatment for my acne scars.

If you’d ask me if I would go again, to undergo that immense pain from Microneedling, I’d say yes! The pain is worth it! This is by far the quickest to seeing results from all kinds of treatments I’ve done before.

One more thing to add that I liked about Tiff’s Facial is that they are not pushy with the services and that their packages do not revolve around a fixed type of treatment.. To enjoy a discount, with a purchase of $500 worth of credits, & you’d enjoy a 10% off services.

You can find out more on their prices on their website here ->

*NOTE If you have low tolerance of pain, I would strongly suggest opting for the numbing cream, and going through more sessions to see results. This is seriously painful & I’m not even kidding. I think I have a relatively moderate to high tolerance of pain but this is one of the more painful treatments I’ve experienced.

Note: I was invited to try out their face & eye treatment. Despite so, it does not affect my views or the content written here. 

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