It has been 20 years since RMK opened their first counter in Tokyo with a longstanding philosophy of “Revealing the best & the most beautiful you.” Taking from the earth’s natural goodness, their skincare products provide “simple application yet powerful results” to cater to all people & skin types.

As one of the leading cosmetics brands in the Beauty industry, RMK introduces their new range of facial cleansers and a skintuner this June. The first step to achieving good complexion is a definitely a good cleansing regime. You wouldn’t want to pile up makeup or sleep with a face full of dirt, do you?

There are 3 new plant-based facial cleansers from RMK – All containing Soapwort Extract, a powerful cleansing agent that helps get rid of dead skin cells, sebum and other impurities. It is also known for its effective yet gentle cleansing properties in olden times.


Great for people who have oily skin and clogged pores, this clay soap bar includes moisturising agents such as Olive & Jojoba Oil, which are easily absorbed into the skin while promoting the barrier function. Together with Lemon Extract, which are loaded with vitamins for smoother skin & finally, Hamamelis Extract which aids to even the skin’s texture.

Usually we associate soap bars with giving you extremely tight & dry skin after, but the RMK Smooth Soap Bar leaves the face feeling comfortable. It keeps the skin nicely soft and firm. The first time I open up the Soap Bar to use I fell in love.. The herbal citrus scent is so relaxing & so pure, I instantly felt calm. Great for evenings, to destress and ease the mind.

To Use – Wet the face and lather the soap with some lukewarm water. Then with the foam, give your face a light gentle massage follow by a good rinse.


The RMK Moist Foaming Soap is formulated to treat dull skin with poor blood circulation, even for dark eye rings. Loaded with moisturising herbal ingredients such as Rooibos Extract & Altea Root Extract, it helps to tone & hydrate in order to attain beautiful skin. A super-hydrating ingredient such as the Raffinose (a complex carbohydrate) is also included in the soap to soothe & balance the skin. What’s more, Aqua Glucoside, also known as Ethyl Glucoside, most commonly found in Japanese Sake, aids to increase the skin’s moisture level. In short, the RMK Moist Foaming Soap is packed with moisturising agents. Perfect for those who love their face feeling well-hydrated after cleansing.

I use this more frequently recently due to my dry skin & my face always feels so nicely hydrated after cleansing. I mainly use this at night where I get to spend more me-time massaging my face while cleansing. Once you start to take more time out to massage your face while cleansing, you’ll realise your skin will begin looking more radiant & less ‘flat’ in the day.

To Use – Shake the bottle & with dry hands and face, dispense a golf-ball size foam on your palm. Cover the face with foam & take your time to massage, then thoroughly cleanse with lukewarm water.


There are two fruit extracts, Yuzu & Pear Fermentation, that both aid in maintaining an optimum moisture level while leaving the skin fresh & healthy in the Clear Cream Soap. Also, a milk derivative, rich in protein and glucoside nourishes and brightens up the complexion. Formulated to gently exfoliate & remove dead skin cells containing melanin, this facial soap contains micro-particles to support clearer skin.

I love how literally less is more for this one. Half a pea size of Clear Cream Soap will lather enough for my entire face (& I have a pretty big face! For those with smaller faces, you can use even lesser!). Even though it contains exfoliating micro-particles, it is safe to use daily. I find myself reaching for this more as I’m used to using cream soap & I love how much this lathers up as compared to the other two. It leaves my face so fresh! No tight feeling too!

To Use –  Wet the face & dispense about a 0.5-1cm in diameter sized soap onto the palm & lather with some lukewarm water. Cover the face with the foam and gently massage. Then wash off thoroughly.

Finally, RMK releases a new Skintuner which is a two-in-one toner & moisturiser that calms & soothes the skin with its cooling gel texture.


BEST for our all-year humid weather, and summer season for my overseas friends, the RMK Skintuner Cooling Gel instantly cools, tones & tightens the skin upon application. Densely concentrated with moisturising & healing agents such as the Miracle Fruit Extract (Synsepalum Dulcificum Fruit Extract), Job’s Tears Seed Extract (traditionally used to treat allergies), Hibicus Extract (antioxidant properties that maintains skin’s elasticity), Fermentated Pear Extract (Loaded with vitamins!), Citrus Aurantium Peel Extract (Calming for oily skin) & Bilberry Leaf Extract (commonly used to relieve skin irritations), the Skintuner was created to provide the skin with optimum levels of moisture.

When applied, the gel turns into a liquid that is rapidly absorbed into the skin. It leaves the skin velvety smooth & supple. I’ve been having dry skin recently & this has been my lifesaver. I use this after I cleanse my face & apply a sunblock afterwards.

To Use – Dispense 3-4 pumps onto the palms or cotton pad & apply over the entire face. Personally I like using just my hands as I feel that there are lesser wastage. I simply press my palms with the liquid over my face several times.

Final Thoughts – I’ve been rotating the cleansers depending on how my skin felt on that day & so far, my top favourite is the Clear Cream Soap because of how much it lathers. It makes a great daily cleanser though the Soap Bar really helps when my skin feels clogged. I use the RMK Smooth Soap Bar mostly at night to relax with its soothing scent. I also use the Moist Foaming Soap at night or on alternate mornings, massaging deeply to enhance blood circulation of the face. The Skintuner has been my daily moisturiser & I apply this in the morning before I head out into the heat!

RMK’s New 2017 Cleanser Collection is already out in stores at all RMK counters (Takashimaya, Isetan Scotts & Nex). They’re worth checking out! You can thank me later. heh.

Note: The samples were sent for review. Despite so, it does not affect my views or the content written here. 


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