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In short – I am of all extremes. I’m a beauty addict who’s also part geek, part adventure seeker, part bibliophile, part yogi, part engineer, part soccer fanatic, part tv part movie buff & part animal lover. – So hit me up if you’d like to talk makeup or climb some walls.



What’s your skin type? – Sensitive, combination.

Are your reviews genuine? – To sum it up, I won’t tell you I like something if I don’t. If I’m on the fence, you’d know. Any posts/products sponsored will be stated clearly at the end of every post & endorsements do not influence the content made here. Other that that, everything featured here are purchased by me. All reviews/recommendations/thoughts are purely my own.

Why Secondsacharm, not Thirds a charm? – Many believe in ‘third time lucky’ (that you’re more likely to succeed in the third attempt as compared to the previous 2) but I believe in getting it right the second time.

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